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(AK5706) Intelligent System Wakeup Solution

The AK5706 is a unique audio-triggered wakeup solution for power-conscious products. This uniqueness comes from the AK5706’s all-analog Acoustic Activity Analyzer (AAA). The AAA block listens for relevant audio – consuming only 32 uA – while the rest of the device (and system) remains powered off. The AAA provides more than just level-triggered audio detection – it constantly analyzes incoming content against customized criteria. Once qualifying audio activity is detected, the AK5706 begins recording audio to its internal buffer and wakes the system SoC. The SoC may then analyze the contents of the buffer, which was recording audio while the SoC was still booting. The ability to perform analog front-end analysis while the rest of the system sleeps can drastically reduce the product’s standby power consumption. The AK5706 supports both digital and analog microphone interfaces.

(AK1595) Simplifying wireless communication in your products

The AK1595 Bluetooth® 5.1 transmitter IC offers an extremely easy implementation with minimal design effort.  Bluetooth® Low Energy transmission can be achieved by setting a few register bits (for transmission power, data, and transmission start trigger) via UART or I2C.  This simplicity makes it easy to add wireless connectivity to an existing system with the AK1595 – no need to develop complicated, proprietary micro controller code.  The AK1595 is leading the way to smaller, more secure and longer-lasting sensor modules for the connected home.

(AK4331) High Sound Quality (Hi-Fi) with Ultra-Low Power D/A Converter

Today’s trend toward higher-quality audio streams demands an increase in the audio quality of portable audio systems.  The power consumption of a Hi-Fi D/A converter has typically been too large for a battery-powered product, presenting the challenge of balancing excellent sound quality against the battery capacity required for a compelling listening experience.  The AK4331 has answered that challenge: it is a 32-bit stereo D/A converter with built-in headphone amplifier that consumes only 4.4mW of power while still providing THD+N = -100dB and SNR = 109dB.  This outstanding sound quality needs to be experienced in person.

(AK5811) Next-generation Millimeter-wave Radar IC with High Spatial Recognition

Millimeter-wave radar is a robust technology that can handle tough situations like a rapid change in light, thick fog, and torrential rain, making it a viable choice for sensing in adverse conditions.  However, the resolution of millimeter-wave radar has been relatively limited when compared to cameras and laser scanners (LiDAR). With the integration of AKM’s technology, we have created a 3D detection platform kit with the AK5811 transceiver IC that significantly improves upon the high range resolution and directional accuracy of millimeter-wave radar. This kit can be used in the development of security cameras, indoor monitoring, and drones.

(AK09940) Ommo’s Motion tracking demo for the enterprise market

AKM’s newest high-precision magnetic sensor is making waves across the industry, from magnetic position tracking (VR/AR/MR), non-destructive flaw detection (MFL), wearables, and IoT to the connected home. The AK09940 features ultra-low noise (40nT/rms) and ultra-low power consumption (40uA @ 100Hz). High speed ODR is achieved at 400Hz (continuous mode) and 1kHz (single- measurement mode), with each axis capable of +/- 1200uT.  This level of performance enables unique designs such as Ommo’s motion tracking implementation, on display at AKM’s suite.

(CQ3Bxx) Small Coreless Current sensor

Are you struggling with the bulky cored current transducer or shunt resistor that needs trimming for every board?  Struggle no more: AKM’s CQ3Bxx series of coreless current sensors feature an isolated primary current path, magnetic sensor, and amplification circuit, all in an SON package that is even smaller and less expensive than its predecessors.  Possible applications include vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, induction cooking elements, and more.


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